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The following is a non-comprehensive sampling of the many Baha'i offerings on the Internet. Please feel free to explore them.

Official Bahá'í Sites:

  1. U.S. Baháí Website
  2. Universal House of Justice
  3. International Baháí Website
  4. Baháí International Community
  5. Baháí Youth Website
  6. The Life of Bahá'u'lláh
  7. The Baháí Peace Chair
  8. Baháí Education
  9. Association for Baháí Studies
  10. The Baháí Reference Library
  11. Baháí Service For The Blind
  12. Baháí World News
  13. Baháí Distribution Service
  14. Brilliant Star Magazine Children's Magazine
  15. One Country - The online newsletter of the Bahá'í International Community
  16. BCCA - Bahá'í Computer and Communication Association
  17. Bahá'í International Community - United Nations Office: Statement Library

Bahá'í Writings resources

  1. The Bahá'í Library - massive searchable collection of Bahá'í texts, articles, bibliographies, translations, etc.
  2. Search for words in the Bahá'í Writings using the True Seeker search engine; a very effective search.
  3. The International Bahá'í Library's official website, from the Bahá'í World Center in Haifa, Israel
  4. Download Bahá'í Devotions for Feasts, Firesides, Meetings. Over 175 documents (in Microsoft Word .doc, Adobe Acrobat PDF, and regular web page format) on numerous topics are available.
  5. Ocean is a free collection of the World's Religious literature managed by a unique book-centered research engine. It contains over 1000 books of 10 world religions in English as well as collections in six other languages (French, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch, and Portuguese).

    General information and access to online Bahá'í resources

    1. The Bahá'í World - official presence of the Bahá'í Faith on the Web
    2. The Bahá'í Faith Index - up-to-date news, plus a search engine and directory with over 3300 Bahá'í links.
    3. - features information in Persian, Arabic, Spanish, and English
    4. The Bahá'ís, an HTML format magazine on the Faith (also in Italian, French, and Spanish)
    5. The Bahá'í Study Center ( - contains a handy glossary, audio/video materials such as mp3 versions of books on tape, and online courses using Blackboard Course Info.
    6. A Bahá'í Faith Page - Bahá'í Vision - many Bahá'í links, and especially nice are the daily prayer and quote.
    7. Planet Bahá'í - a broad-based resource on the Bahá'í Faith including feature articles, a large link library, weekly newsletter, discussion forum, and chat room.

    Learning Institutions:

    • Wilmette Institute - operates as a center of learning, offering academic, professional, and service-oriented programs related to the Baháí Faith. It offers well organized, formally conducted programs of education and training that are designed according to standards of academic excellence and the Baháí standard of independent investigation of truth in a spirit of humility, service, and unity. The Wilmette Institute's programs and services aim to enhance unity and fellowship among all people regardless of their ethnic, national, and religious background. Its services are available to students all over the world. I think this needs to be re-written so that it clearly describes what the Wilmette Institute offers.
    • Desert Rose Baha'i Institute - a community-based Center of Learning, guided by Baháí principles, that creates an atmosphere of spirituality which inspires artistic and educational development. Located halfway between Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.

    Character Education and Community Development Certificate Program:

    • Character Education & Community Development. In cooperation with Forth Hays State University, this fully accredited program, which combines residential colloquia, community service, and online coursework, teaches students to foster a framework for consultative relationships that builds unity among all character education champions in the community-parents, children, junior youth and youth, teachers, community institutions, and other members of the community. Should cite the NSA sponsorship, and mention both graduate and undergraduate levels.
    • Baha'i Campus Association at University of Colorado. Boulder. This is the website for the Baháí Campus Association at the University of Colorado, Boulder. It contains information about their activities, contact information, office hours, pictures and more.
    • University of Northern Colorado - the University of Northern Colorado Baha'i Club (a.k.a. "Vital Signs")
    • - permanent Baháí School, Santa Cruz, CA
    • - permanent Bahá'í school, Eliot, ME
    • - permanent Bahá'í school, Davison, MI
    • - permanent Bahá'í Institute, Houck, AZ

    Baháí Temple Websites:

    Documenting the Trials of the Baha’i Community in Iran

    This site is a clearinghouse for information on the Baha'i community of Iran and their struggle to gain legitimate civil rights, in addition to the right to be treated with dignity, honor and justice. Materials provided here are of several types: at times they are English translations of Persian-language articles which have been published in the Iranian press or by Iranian journalists outside their country on the subject of the persecution of the Baha'is in Iran and in support of the community, or they may represent rebuttals of charges made against the Baha'is of Iran, or news of the community as received from trustworthy sources.

    Iran Press Watch also seeks to make the aforesaid records available in an archive that is accessible to the public for research and educational purposes; and to encourage an informed dialogue on the civil rights situation of the Baha'is of Iran among educators, scholars and the general public. Materials at this site will be of particular importance to international institutions, governmental and NGOs and other organizations monitoring the situation in Iran.

    Iran Press Watch is an independent research entity, and is not affiliated with the Baha'i administration.

    Those interested are urged to subscribe to the site's free email subscription service or the RSS Feed.

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