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Welcome to the Colorado Baha'is Pre-teen Page

Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program:
Creating "Champions of Justice" and "Builders of Unity"

Developing the power of expression -- Instilling hope -- Enhancing spiritual and intellectual capacities

The primary function of a Junior Youth Group is to serve as an environment of mutual support for its members, ages 12 through 14 - one in which they can develop the spiritual perception and patterns of thought and behavior that will characterize them throughout their lives.

The group comes together weekly to:
  • Study materials for language and expression development
  • Engage in artistic activities
  • Plan and carry out service projects
  • Participate in recreational and sports activities
  • Explore different cultures through crafts, history, music and cuisine

The curriculum has been developed to:
  • Improve members' power of expression
  • Enhance their understanding of being a citizen in their local and global community
  • Assist them to recognize the moral issues underlying everyday decisions and identify the moral implications of speech and action
Junior Youth Groups in Westminster and Fort Collins
To find out more information or a Junior Youth Group near you, please contact Amy Morgan at:



Sponsored by the Northwest Baha'i Regional Training Institute



Prayer for the Youth

O Lord! Make this youth radiant, and confer Thy bounty upon this poor creature. Bestow upon him knowledge, grant him added strength at the break of every morn and guard him within the shelter of Thy protection so that he may be freed from error, may devote himself to the service of Thy Cause, may guide the wayward, lead the hapless, free the captives and awaken the heedless, that all may be blessed with Thy remembrance and praise. Thou art the Mighty and the Powerful.


Daily Quote

  • April 17
    I beg Thy forgiveness, O my God, and implore pardon after the manner Thou wishest Thy servants to direct themselves to Thee. I beg of Thee to wash away our sins as befitteth Thy Lordship, and to forgive me, my … Continue reading