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Denver Baháí Center


Baháí Centers are yet another important part of Baháí community life. Like other religions, the Baháí Faith has Houses of Worship that are dedicated to the praise and remembrance of God and Community Centers where activities take place and prayers and devotions are offered.

People from all backgrounds and religious beliefs are welcome at the Baháí Center in Metro Denver. Consider joining us in prayer and fellowship.

All are welcome!

Activities at the Baha'i Center of Metro Denver
225 E. Bayaud Ave in Denver, CO 80209 * 303-744-6456

Please see our calendar for events you may wish to attend.
There are no charges or requests for donations to the members of public.

The Denver Baha'i center is located at 225 E. Bayaud Avenue, Denver, CO 80209  (at the corner of Grant St. and E. Bayaud Ave.)
Map to the Baha'i Center of Metro Denver

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